Why do bad things happen?

The first thing people ask when you talk about God is; Why do so many bad things happen?

And yes this is a very relevant question. It is something we must ask ourselves and for which an answer needs to be given. Do I know all the answers, NO. Do I believe there is a logic, YES. (Always …no some situations I really do not get …)

But this is my logic …

People have a CHOICE.
I can HIT someone now or NOT!
I can LOVE someone now or NOT!
I decide or NOT (Also having others decide for me is a choice I make. Are there circumstances that leaves you with no choice  YES.) Let us focus on the daily ones.

God gave us this CHOICE. To choose between good and bad/evil. It is actually just simple. (Yet extremely difficult as the world has proven to date.)

IMAGINE; we didn’t have a choice. We would be ROBOTS …?

When bad things do happen, start asking questions, dont stop until your questions cannot be answered. Most of the times ( i guess about 90%) PEOPLE’s choices have lead to the BAD situation.

Lets be realistic, not everything can be answered. But mostly we need to look at People and what they have chosen on micro and macro scale.