Religion misunderstood, is the title of this website. I decided on this name nearly 10 years ago. When you feel the need to make a website and/or share information in public you do so because there is some form of frustration. Religion, or at least in my case the Christian religion means the world to me. I want to share this wonderful, religion with everyone.  BUT due to lack of information, lack of facts, most people do not believe in the Christian Religion and sharing and communicating about it is nearly impossible when the basic information is not available. 

BUT in the past few years I realized, it’s not a religion it is  about a RELATIONSHIP and that is a BIG difference.

The Christian Religion is a RELATIONSHIP with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


But a website named RELATIONSHIP MISUNDERSTOOD … neah … doest go so well. So the name remains RELIGION MISUNDERSTOOD.